La Profesora Frida


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The name “Frida” has always been a favorite of Sarah’s. ­čÖé ┬áThe name “La Profesora Frida” came about through a variety of ways. “Frida” was the name Sarah chose to use in high school Spanish class and at Spanish camp. ┬áHer students started calling her “La Profesora Frida” after dressing up as the well-known artist Frida Kahlo while teaching an art history lesson, and the name stuck.

“LaProfesoraFrida,” Sarah, believes in engaging, relevant, authentic lessons. ┬áCreativity is necessary to engage our young, “digital learners,” and Sarah embraces imaginative instruction techniques. ┬áHer teaching history began at┬áConcordia Language Villages┬áwhere she acted as a Senior Counselor and Art Director for El Lago del Bosque Spanish Village. ┬áThis opportunity provided her with essential immersion techniques that she thus employed in her own Spanish classes when she began working for the public school system.

Sarah loves to learn and expand her knowledge base and has taken the proper courses to become a certified online instructor. ┬áShe enjoys teaching online Spanish lessons in her “spare” time. ┬áThroughout her teaching experience she has gathered and created many resources that can be applied in a number of content areas and grade levels. ┬áShe began selling her teaching ideas, lesson plans, Spanish worksheets and other creative content on┬áTeachers Pay Teachers┬áat the beginning of 2011.

As it became more and more apparent that the issue of teachers’ stress levels needed to be addressed, she began the blog “The Stress Free Spanish Teacher” in order to try to make an impact in other teachers’ lives by sharing stress relief tips and encourage teachers to live a more stress free life.

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